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7 Myths about Rectus Diastasis (Abdominal Separation)

Abdominal muscle separation or ‘Rectus Diastasis’ is such a HOT topic at the moment! When I started seeing women in hospital after having babies almost 15 years ago, most had never heard of rectus diastasis, or even the pelvic floor

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3 tips for better pram pushing

Heading out for a walk with the pram is such a great option for new mums to get active again. I loved walking after having babies because it got me outside in the fresh air, would often coincide with a baby

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What exactly is the pelvic floor and how do I keep mine strong?

As women, most of us know we HAVE a pelvic floor (men do too by the way ;-)). Some of us even know vaguely where it is. But most women I meet aren’t 100% sure how to activate the muscles

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