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Mat vs Reformer Pilates – what’s the difference?

We know that Pilates is one of those ‘all rounders’ when it comes to exercise. It’s great for building strength and stability, for improving flexibility, balance and mobility and also offers the added bonus of challenging the brain<->body connection. One

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3 reasons you didn’t like Pilates (and why you should give it another go!)

Word is well and truly out that Pilates is good for us. It offers so many benefits, from improved strength & flexibility to enhanced coordination, body awareness and posture. So why isn’t everyone doing it? Well sometimes just knowing something is good

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Does dry-needling hurt?

The response I most often get when I discuss the option of dry needling with a client is “I hate needles!”. Firstly, who actually LIKES needles?? And secondly, some hesitation is completely understandable, especially if you have never had it

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